Our team of dedicated scientists and technicians are constantly monitoring the marine and terrestrial habitats. Performance indicators of water quality, sediment quality, ecological biodiversity and abundance are all collated and analysed. The survey framework incorporates sampling frequencies of daily, every two weeks, quarterly and annually depending upon the requirements of the survey, and dynamic response of the studied parameter.

The levels of monitoring surveys are also wide ranging,from broadscale habitat mapping to identifying the species of individual planktons and invertebrates.

The Sea City team are building, not only a city, but also a large library of valuable environmental data.

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Water Quality Sediment Quality Air Quality Ecology
Salinity Total Oraganic Carbon (%) Weather Data Benthos
Dissolved oxygen (mg/l and %) Trace Metals – As, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mg,
Ni,Pb, V,Zn, Hg and Cd (µg/g)
Plankton (Phyto, Zoo and Ichthyoplankton)
Temperature (°C) Beach Condition Mangrove growth
pH Particle Size distribution of beach samples Seagrass survey
NutrientsPhosphates, Ammonia,
Nitrates, Nitrites, Silicates (µg/l)
Artificial Reef Development
Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Terrestrial survey
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons
(TPH) (ppm)
Coral establishment & growth
Total Organic Carbon (mg/l)
Trace Metals – Cu, Fe, Ni, V, Cd, Hg
( (µg/l)
Total Coliforms (MPN/100ml)
Faecal Coliforms (MPN/100ml)
Faecal Streptococci (MPN/100ml)
Flow Velocity (m/s)